Floresta, a Christian non-profit organization, works to reverse deforestation  and ameliorate poverty in the world by transforming the lives of the rural poor. Floresta’s fundamental vision is that deforestation stems from a lack of economic options and that rural poverty stems from environmental degradation.

Map of Floresta operational area

Floresta Tanzania was established in August 2004 in Masia Mamba, at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro. With unpredictable weather and a rapidly expanding population, Tanzanian farmers face daily battles to cultivate crops and sustain livelihoods.   Floresta enables communities to share their field experiences and methodological innovations to address issues of practical and immediate value and acts as the voice from the field.

Floresta utilizes an interactive approach to tackle issues of food security, environmental degradation, economic development, and poverty. One such approach is through the VICOBA (Village Community Banks) program. Floresta trains groups of 30-40 members in rural savings, loans, and credit schemes.  The VICOBA program is currently being implemented in 26 communities in the Siha, Moshi Rural and Same regions of Tanzania. VICOBA groups have allowed Floresta to expand its outreach and implement other initiatives such as organic farming, energy-efficient stoves, soil conservation, tree planting, ecotourism, eco-toilets, and capacity building.

Meet the Floresta team:  

Edith Banzi

Country Director & Overall Project Manager

Richard Mhina
Program Manager (Credit/VICOBA) and Field Officer – Marangu

Albert Samson

Program Manager (Environmental Conservation Projects) and Field Officer – Siha

Samson Shaidi

Natural Resource and Agroforestry Office (formerly)

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